Clinical Vault

Clinical Vault is a free HIE (Health Information Exchange) platform that allows the exchange of health information between individuals and organizations that are in charge of patient care. It is designed to ensure the highest standards of security, governed by the federal government, thus guaranteeing information is:



Accessible through the Internet

Access to and sharing of clinical information is vital to providing quality health services, with high effectiveness and efficiency. Among its benefits are:;

Accelerated health care decisions based on clinical data.

Avoiding errors when prescribing medication.

Substantially improving treatment results by accessing the patient history it contains:

Demographic data


Vital Signs

Clinical conditions

Laboratory orders and their results



Provide communication mechanisms between primary and specialist providers.

Control of use, thus avoiding duplicated and/or unnecessary procedures.


Puerto Rico's first HIE

Over 2,500 connected health care providers, hospitals, and clinics

Over 8 million patient health records

FREE for providers and hospitals

Ability to handle various file formats: HL7, LOINC, SNOMED, ICD-10, etc

Standardized and secure messaging

MPI (Master patient index)

Consolidated medical records

Distributes laboratory results


It is a product that collects, organizes, tabulates, and presents graphed data, providing a quantitative view of health conditions in Puerto Rico. It helps to estimate or predict what will happen in the future by preventing diseases and improving existing treatments.

Advantages of ClinicalVault Analytics:

Detects wrong trends and behaviors in clinical information.

Improves the performance of your operation.

Helps in making decisions based on clinical data.

Helps to detect data correlations in a short time.

Accessibility of clinical data on other health conditions.